Brimi sæter


Welcome to Brimi seter in Jotunheimen

Take a look in our web-broshure! click on it for bigger view.

At Brimi sæter we offer a unique experience. We have self-produced food, and perhaps you also will learn something by visiting us. You will get to know the animals; the history and you will see how the milk turn to cheese. Here you have beautiful nature, real silence and cultural history at its best. Lower your shoulders.

We have accommodation for 30 people +/- spread on brisk (nine beds)  in the barn and 11 room in three cabins. On the barn, we also serve food and have space for 40-50 persons. From here you have an overview of beautiful scenery through large windows.
Shared bathroom/shower on all accommodation.

Photoś from Brimi seter (on google) here
Where can you find us? Take a look at google maps here

Video from Brimi seter:

Thanks to Bernard Vreugdenhil who made this film. And to Annbjørg Lien which let us use this music that she made in memory of grandpa Hans W. Brimi.

Small video about cheese and our signaturmeal «skråpå-tå»

Summer season

Every summer from about 19. June and to 21. August, we offer accommodation, mountain café, and our special 4-course dinner ‘’Skråpå-tå’’. If you wish to visit us outside these months, please send us a request in the contact form.

If you want to spend the night, enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains during the daytime and end it with a 4-course menu at the long table, before you crawl under the cushion on the barn, lavvu or room in the mountain cabins.

In the summer season, you can meet our animals. And there will be cheese production in the cheese factory everyday.

We have online booking for the summer season.

Book a room (and 4-course «skråpå-tå» menu)  here

«Skråpå-tå» and our dining facilities:

At summertime, we have a set menu (4-course meal) at 19.00 every night. The name of this menu is «Skråpå-tå.»
This is our signature meal, and it is popular. This meal starts off with a fish soup with trout from the nearest lake Tesse. After this, the main dish is served, which consists of a plate of salad and our own homemade cured meats. The coal baskets (grills) are now brought to the table together with our homemade cheese, allowing you to serve yourself as it melts (raclette). Then we barbeque some veal and pork (also our own stock) together with some potatoes and mushroom sauce. The menu ends up with a symphony of desserts made of dairy-produce and berries.
Hans or Ola will also tell some story about our place here before the dinner starts.

Price: NOK 705 per person. 350 per child up to 12 years. ( The smallest child a little less, or 2-course child-menu for about 200 NOK.)


If you do not want a 4-course meal, it is possible to have dinner in our cafeteria between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Here we serve traditional Norwegian Food, like meat soup and sour cream porridge. The nearby Fjellstugu serves dinner (a la carte) between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Spring and fall stay

Spring season at Brimi sæter begins in the middle of May and go to 20. June.
Fall season at Brimi sæter begins around 22.  August to the middle of October.

In the spring and autumn, we offer accommodation Friday to Sunday. Then we can offer accommodation with Skråpå tå – our four-course dinner menu, different weekend packages and other arrangements for groups/companies on request.

( The animals and cheese production is only in the summer season and to the middle of September)

We have 2-weekend packages you can choose between:

Friday – Sunday FULL-PACKAGE:

  • Accommodation from Friday to Sunday.
  • Made bed with breakfast, and room in cabin or brisk on the barn.
  • Three-course dinner menu Friday evening.
  • Two-course lunch on Saturday.
  • 4- course dinner special menu: Skråpå tå Saturday evening.

3125 NOK per person.  -excluded drinks.

(Half price for children under 12 years.)


Friday-Sunday. HALF PACKAGE:

  • Accommodation from Friday to Sunday.
  • Made bed with breakfast, and room in cabin or brisk on the barn.
    ( Not dinner Friday evening)
  • Two-course lunch on Saturday.
  • 4- course dinner special menu: Skråpå tå Saturday evening.

2900 NOK per person. -Excluded drinks.

(Half price for children under 12 years.)

These prices apply to 2 persons per room in the cabins. By group booking the costs contains for all accommodation, regardless of sleeping alternative except for a single room.

Prices above contain if we can fill up what is free on dinner and accommodation.

Just want one night?

Except for the summer season and by group bookings we have the same price on one night per person regardless if its brisk’s or rooms, 800NOK per person included bedclothes and breakfast. One night with 4-course dinner Skråpå tå menu, 1505 NOK per person.

Additional prices at the mountain farm:

  • Single room: +350,- per night.
  • Dog: 200,- (not allowed in the main building, brisk/ystloftet.)
  • Packed lunch: 80NOK.
  • Exclusive packed lunch for own hike/activity: 250NOK.

Other additions as climbing in the climbing park, Vianvang or hike to Norway’s highest mountain paid directly to the players.



  • Dette feltet er for valideringsformål og skal stå uendret.

Frå gjesteboka

  • Fantastisk matopplevelse! Har spist oss «stinne» på fantastisk god mat! «Skråppå tå» var imponerende. Vi ønsker dere alle lykke til videre med dette flotte stedet! Dette skal anbefales, og vi kommer tilbake!

    Marit, Bergen
  • Det var et lite eventyr å få sove her i briskene på låven. Og "Skråppå tå"-menyen var helt nydelig. Et supert sted for barn. Nå er det i hvert fall to bybarn mindre, som tror at melken kommer fra kartongene. Takk for oss!

    Familie, Oslo
  • Her finner vi ro – med dyrene, stillheten, vakker natur og et vertskap som er gjestfrie og tar imot oss med varme og lun humor. Etter utmerket overnatting på låven og en lang og god frokost ute i nydelig sommervær, er vi klare til å reise hjem.

    Anne og Per, Trøndelag