The taste of Jotunheimen mountains

Since ancient times, people and fairies have sought to Jotunheimen to eat well and fill their supplies. The summer farm itself became the source for the development of food culture, folk music and the art of oral storytelling. In many manners it is the essence of vivid folk culture in Gudbrandsdalen valley. We are happy to offer you a taste of Brimi seter and Jotunheimen, seasoned with history and stories from the rich farm heritage.

Here you can find everything. Rich nature and an environment based on traditions, and not to forget the peace you feel both inside and around you. It is precisely here that one gets magic moments and memories.
Grandfather and folk fiddle player Hans W Brimi


The dining table was a meeting point for peasants and farmers, haymakers and folk fiddlers. On the second floor of the barn, we have created a unique dining room – so close to the barn that you can hear the bells when the cows are being milked under your feet.

At the barn restaurant we gather for meals, conversations and rest – with a magnificent view over the mountain lake Tesse.

A feast for both soul and palate.

Langbordet på låven på Brimi sæter ferdig dekka for 4- retters skråpå-tå meny.
Låvebygninga på Brimi Seter, Lys i vindauge ein sein sommarkveld tydar på god stemning på låven


Beer was part of the daily bread, and almost every larger farm had its own beer and stronger brew. Today, we are lucky to have a craft brewery in our home village of Lom and a distillery in the neighboring village of Vågå.

You have to look further for sweet local grapes – but we compose wine packages that go well with local flavors for every meal.


When the sun approached the highest point in the sky and the first work session was finished, the people of the Seder gathered for the dugurd – a hot meal a little before what we today call lunch.

The farm café at Brimi Seter offers powerful sour cream porridge, excuisite cured meat, steaming meat soup and sour cream waffles to make you happy. Everything cooked at the farm with milk and meat from our own barn and livestock. The pastry is, of course, baked at the farm.

Tallerken med rømmegraut og spekemat ute på setertunet.
Hans og Ola byr deg på mykje godt til frokost på Brimi Seter


Lucky you, to wake up at Brimi Seter. Start the day with a quiet coffee in the garden, or with the breakfast buffet filled with local delicacies. Find a quiet spot in the sun, and enjoy the moment. To the sound of the cowbells and the sight of the farm girls guiding the cows out to the pasture.

Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10:00


In the seter shop you can buy refined products from unpasteurized milk, mountain pigs and cattle. Our favourite is Brimi Farm Ceese – with Super Gold won at the World Cheese Championship in 2018. The cheese is made with milk from mountain pastures, matured in the cellar and protected by iconic huldra and fairy tale tusspeople.

In the delicatessy you will also find a selection of local food from other mountain villages and summer farms around Brimi.

Spekepølse  og ost frå Brimi seter er noko av det du kan kjøpe i seterbutikken på Brimi Seter
Tallerkner med salat og spekemat på rad og rekkje.

No Transport. Maximum taste.

Crystal clear water straight from the springs. Crisp air and sunny days. Temperatures so low that all produce is ripened with full richness of flavour. To us, livestock mountain farming is the opposite of a world where feed and livestock are artificially stimulated and transported over long distances with a double environmental footprint.

At summer pasture in Jotunheimen mountains, our animals roam freely and find themselves nutritious pasture and exercise right up to slaughter and processing. You can tell by the taste of it.